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The HomePort Pizza Journey

A taste that will change your mind......

Have you ever been on a quest for that perfect pizza? At HomePort Pizza we are on that quest, and we would like to share that experience with you!!  

Our mission, is to serve you a pizza that will change your mind about pizza all together.   

Our pizza is Napoletana inspired.  Mixed with love, stretched with care, and best served hot out the oven.

As any good pizzeria, we spend most of our time and energy perfecting the dough.  Our recipe is no secret or mystery. Great pizza should be shared, so please ask about our pizza. I love to talk shop and help others achieve great pizza at home, from your home oven.  

We started our quest in two different directions.

Maria worked in a family owned restaurant as kid.  She started the pizza journey while managing a restaurant at a popular fast paced pizzeria. She learned to cook pizza like nobodies business, and is she is truly the machine in this family owned business.  

I on the other hand, started my quest long ago as kid. By learning to make pizza from scratch, as it was the only way I would get pizza, or maybe it was just to keep me busy.  However, in my most recent years I had this unforgiving urge to make that perfect pizza. Which lead to a wood fired pizza oven on my back patio.  The effects of which, blew my mind all together about life itself, and how I interacted with it. Life changes have occurred, and the dream somehow is still alive. I thought several times that, I would cast it to the sea as it were. Nevermore, here we are standing at the edge of another great beginning. I come from the maritime industry, and I love the sea but, the life of a sailor at some point has to come to an end. I cannot think of no better end, then to end where I started, talking about and making great pizza!! 

If you are looking for a restaurant style pizza from a food cart, then you should come visit us on 39th and Hawthorne BLVD

- Steve and Maria

Our Team